Health Care

Our healthcare system is the envy of the world.  We have the finest doctors, nurses, protocols, and facilities in the world; and that did not come about as a result of a government run system.  Unfortunately, President Obama pushed a partisan health care bill through the Democratically controlled Congress using parliamentary tactics and big pay-offs like the “Louisiana Purchase.”  This Democratic bill was passed without a single Republican vote and increased federal spending by $2.6 trillion.  It has given the federal government unprecedented control over the American health care system, which makes up about one sixth of our economy.

People, not the government, are the source of prosperity in our country and they make the American health care system the envy of the world.  What we need are commonsense solutions that will strengthen our health care system instead of stimulating debt and eliminating patient choice.  A health care system where insurance can be bought across state lines so insurers compete against each other and lowers cost for patients.  A health care system that allows for tort reform so doctors can give patients the best medical care possible without fear of unreasonable retribution.  Instead of ramming through partisan bills, I am working to make health care more affordable for hardworking families without a government takeover.  

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