We want our country back

Posted on March 31, 2015 09:40 am CDT

Lawrence County Record
Ryan Squibb

Republican politicians and supporters alike, found their way to the MARC in Mt. Vernon last weekend, for the annual Lincoln Day celebration hosted by the Lawrence County Republican Central Committee.


The event drew approximately 150 attendees who were treated to a catered meal, a silent auction, live entertainment and pro-party speeches from Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder, U.S. Representative Billy Long and U.S. Senator Roy Blunt.


Long humbly spoke at length about his recent absence from his job duties to be with his daughter, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. He thanked all those who had been praying for his family and assisting them in their journey, including Blunt. Following Long’s personal testimonies, he touched on several governmental issues, most strongly the budget.

“We’re coming out with our budget next week. It balances in eight years. The Democrats budget never ever balances. And that’s job one for next week.”

Blunt, granted the lion’s share of the time behind the podium, spoke for 20 minutes, touching on myriad issues, with Democrat shortcomings being the prevalent theme.

Blunt pulled no punches, calling out the Democrats for unbalanced budgets, Iran missteps and the Affordable Care Act Blunt labeled “a disaster.”

Blunt continued his onslaught , denigrating the absence of a balanced budget from Democrats.

“The law requires that we have a budget every year, the 15th of April we’re supposed to have a budget … but for seven years the Senate has chosen not to have a budget. The Senate’s chosen not to go on record,” Blunt said. “The Harry Reid Senate has worked as far from the law as Barack Obama has worked from the Constitution. But it is a must pass for us … Have a budget. Have a budget that balances. We’ve got to have a budget that 51 Republican Senators vote for and 218 Republican House members vote for because no Democrat will vote for a budget that balances in any foreseeable future. They just won’t do it.”

Blunt’s rail against Democrats was punctuated with audience laughter following his likening of Democrat voters to “the undead,” more popularly known as zombies.

By the end of the presentation, Blunt was squarely back on point, demanding the return of his country.

“We’ve got a country we need to take back,” Blunt said. “We want our country back. We want the Constitution back. We want to be who we’re supposed to be. We’re not like just any other country in the world.

Blunt added, “This is a great moment for us to get back to who we are supposed to be. In 2016 in our state, 2016 in our country, I can’t think of a more pivotal time.”


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