Missouri Congressional Delegation Responds To State Of The Union

Posted on January 23, 2015 08:20 am CST

By: Lynne Roberts

Some members of Missouri’s Congressional delegation offered their takes on President Barack Obama’s (D) State of the Union Address Tuesday night.

North Missouri Congressman Sam Graves (R) said in a statement, “The American people spoke loud and clear this past November in opposition to President Obama’s failed policies of the last six years. The American people sent us here to forge a new direction in finding solutions to the problems facing our nation. Tonight, the President has once again shown that he plans to ignore the will of the people in order to push his big government agenda.”

Graves continued, “We in the House will continue to advance policies that grow our economy, remove burdensome regulations like Obamacare, and unleash America’s energy resources. I hope that President Obama will join with us in promoting bold, new solutions on behalf of the people of north Missouri and all Americans.

East-Central Missouri Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer (R) wrote, “During a time when Americans are struggling to find jobs, health-care costs are skyrocketing, and individuals are being bombarded with burdensome regulations – the president instead decided to ignore your priorities and concerns. I am extremely disappointed the president based his speech around a tax proposal which would hurt our nation’s family farmers and small businesses. House Republicans remain committed to advancing solutions that increase opportunity for all Americans. It is my hope the president will stop issuing veto threats before common-sense pieces of legislation even get to his desk and he is open to working with Congress so we can start moving our great nation forward again.”

Missouri’s senior US Senator, Claire McCaskill (D), said, “The President outlined some commonsense ideas and opportunities for bipartisan cooperation, tonight, including tax cuts aimed at bolstering our middle class. We’ve made a great deal of progress for working families in the past few years-with a growing number of folks back to work at millions of more jobs, a much smaller deficit, and plunging energy costs-but there’s still more work to do. And I’m eager to roll up my sleeves with my Republican and Democratic colleagues to keep strengthening our middle class.”

McCaskill also noted the President’s recognition during his address of a western Missouri man who was among First Lady Michelle Obama’s guests. Victor Fugate of Butler, Mo. wrote a letter to President Obama detailing his path from unemployment to college, receiving his degree, and now helping provide medical care to low-income families as an employee of the Missouri Department of Public Health. Mr. Fugate wrote to the President that the Income-Based Repayment Plan helped him pay off his student loans while the Affordable Care Act helped him find health care on the exchange during his unemployment.

St. Louis Congressman Lacy Clay (D) said the President laid out a, “smart, energetic agenda that will restore more working families to economic security. The President’s proposals will lift up the many, instead of just preserving economic privilege for the very few.”

Clay continued, “I support his efforts to reform the tax code and open the doors of higher education to all, while continuing to protect our historic progress in access to affordable healthcare and a cleaner environment.

The President’s proposals provide a real opportunity to move our country forward with common sense ideas that deserve bipartisan support. I’m hopeful that the Republican majority will seize this opportunity to work with us for the common good.”

St. Louis area Congresswoman Ann Wagner (R) dismissed the President’s speech as, “the same old, tired, Washington-based ideas for a country that is still struggling. This Administration would like the American people to believe that the economy is resurgent and strong. But the American people won’t again be fooled by this President and his proclamations that a top-down economy controlled from Washington is a better economy. We can do better; the American people deserve better.

“The New American Congress has a different idea for our country. We are pursuing policies that actually help hard-working taxpayers by providing them with greater opportunities for advancement, higher wages and a better way of life. While the White House is focused on political score-keeping and politics as usual, the New American Congress, led by unified Republican majorities, is placing America’s priorities first.

“In just three short weeks, the New American Congress has kept their promise to the American people by passing bills that will transform this Washington-based economy into a healthy system marked by a legacy of opportunity. I am hopeful that, when push comes to shove, President Obama will put down his veto pen and work with this Congress, rather than pursue job creation artificially from Washington.”

Southwest Missouri Congressman Billy Long (R) also argued that the American people, “sent a strong message to Washington in November that they wanted change. Since then President Obama by his actions and words has doubled down on the policies and proposals that the American people rejected. The new majority in Congress wants to empower the American people as we work for an efficient, effective and accountable government. Hard-working taxpayers want economic growth, security and opportunity that a healthy economy would provide. The president should direct his efforts in those areas as opposed to constantly trying to divide us along class and income lines.”


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