Blunt, Long Talk 2015 Priorities for GOP-Led Congress

Posted on December 31, 2014 16:16 pm CST

By: Matt Lupoli

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. --  Republican lawmakers Sen. Roy Blunt and Rep. Billy Long say lawmakers will resolve to get more done in 2015, as the 114th Congress convenes with a GOP majority in both houses. 

"It's going to be a new day on Washington," Long said. We are going to actually be able to pass legislation through the house and the senate."

"I'm hopeful a Republican House and a Republican Senate can find ways to work with the president. A divided government is a great time to solve hard problems because you don't have the next 25 years of one party blaming the other," Blunt said. 

Blunt said jobs and defense are top concerns for him. Both lawmakers say spending is also a big priority.  

"We've got to get our spending under control. This last budget deal that we passed cut $165 billion ... we need to continue those cuts," Long said. 

"I'd like to think the new Senate brings every spending bill to the floor (and) allows every member to challenge every dollar being spent," Blunt said. 

Long, who was outspoken this year about Ebola, said health will be a priority for him as well, with a new subcommittee seat. 

"I've been appointed to go on the health subcommittee of Energy and Commerce, so that's going to be a big task for me this year," he said. 

Both agree, time is of the essence in 2015. 

"Hopefully the new congress will do a better job of dealing with things when they should've been dealt," Blunt said. 

"Whatever we get done we need to get done in 2015, because 2016 is going to be an election year and everyone knows nothing gets done in an even number year," Long said.


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