Rep. Billy Long talks looming issues for lawmakers

Posted on August 30, 2015 21:08 pm CDT

Ozarks First

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Rep. Billy Long wrapped up a week of visits across Springfield Friday as federal policymakers' August recess nears its end.

When they return, members of Congress will have a host of issues to consider -- among them: a budget that could force another possible government shutdown.

Long said a big fight looms about Planned Parenthood, and videos that surfaced before the recess showing an employee talking about organ donations from aborted fetuses.

"We're going to do everything we can to defund planned parenthood and anyone that provides abortion services, that should not be done with tax dollars. So that's the big fight," Long said.

With highway funds running out in the fall, a long-term infrastructure fix is on the table. But will the deal be done?

"There's always over-optimism in Washington about what they can do and they say, 'Oh yeah, we've got it done this year, we're going to get a long-term 5- or 6-year bill. But I'm from Missouri. You're going to have to show me," Long said.

On Iran, Long says he does not support the nuclear deal.

"If the Sheriff came up and knocked on your door and said, 'We have a search warrant and we understand you have some meth in here and you're cooking meth and maybe have some marijuana and we want to come in and use our search warrant,' and you say, 'Well listen, let me go back inside and see if there's anything in there and I'll come back and tell you. That's what we're doing with Iran, we're going to let them self-inspect," Long said. "But the horse may be out of the barn on that one."

Outside of Capitol Hill, the GOP race continues to heat up. Long says he would support current front-runner Donald Trump in a general election.

"I think he's going to go a lot further than people think," Long said. "I'd support any republican for president, so I will support whoever our nominee is and I think that's what's important to get behind the eventual nominee."

President Barack Obama took to Twitter on Thursday to call Congress to action, and urge against any shutdown showdowns.

"Amidst global volatility, Congress should protect the momentum of our growing economy (not kill it). We must avoid shutdown / austerity," Obama said in the tweet.


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