Clark Presents Artwork to the Nixa Post Office

Posted on April 29, 2015 11:14 am CDT

Christian County Headliner
By Don Abernathy

Ozark resident Richard Daniel Clark never thought his napkin sketch of the New York City skyline would make such an impact when he put pen to paper back in 1977. That sketch eventually turned into the now famous “One Nation Under God: American Highrise” artwork that has been seen by countless people and heads of state from across the globe.

On April 24, Clark presented a copy of the artwork to the Nixa Post Office in an effort to raise awareness for his push to turn the print into a postage stamp, in hopes of generating money for United States veterans. Clark presented the artwork to the Nixa Post Office, because the post office is one of the largest employers of veterans in the nation.

“Only in America can a napkin sketch go into world art history,” Clark said. “We all love a parade in America. We love to pat our heroes on the back, but, after that, some of those folks fall through the cracks, and, as an immigrant, I’m going to make it my business to have that attended to. I look at our men and women in uniform and each one of them are prepared to die for our freedom, and I think that’s pretty spectacular.”

Clark, along with Missouri Representative Lynn Morris, are working with Congressman Billy Long to turn the artwork into a three-stamp series that would sell for more than the cost of postage, with the difference going toward helping veterans.

“He’s doing a tremendously important project,” Morris said of Clark. “I’m positive we’re going to get the process done, get the application completed, get it approved and someday you’ll be able to buy this on stamps, mugs and T-shirts and make money for veterans.”

The artwork has been presented to seven American presidents, from Richard Nixon to George W. Bush, and to numerous world leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Pope Benedict XVI, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and the governments of 115 nations.

“I’m determined, and Lynn Morris is determined, that we’re going to make this thing happen,” Clark said. “I truly believe we can raise several hundreds of millions of dollars in merchandising. It will be huge.”


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