“I would like to balance the budget this year, but ten years is better than never, which is the path our nation is currently on. American families have to budget and make the difficult choices with their finances and Washington should do the same. The current fiscal path our nation is on is unsustainable unless we make the difficult choices today. We should not burden our children and grandchildren to the debt we as a nation are driving up today,” Long said.

The Republican from the 7th District supported the House FY15 Budget Resolution which passed the House and reduces spending by $5.1 trillion over the next ten years and balances the budget. The budget resolution repeals the president’s health care law, including the law’s tax increases and calls for fundamental tax reform. The House budget blueprint gives states more flexibility to tailor programs to their people’s needs and protects the promises made to senior citizens.

Long also voted in support for the Republican Study Committee (RSC) FY15 budget proposal. The RSC proposed budget would balance in four years and freezes discretionary spending at $950 billion, pre-2008 levels until the budget is balanced. This proposal also repeals the president’s health care law replacing it with the American Health Care Reform Act.

The RSC budget proposal also included Long’s Taxpayer Transparency Act, which passed the House unanimously on February 26, 2014, and is pending action in the Senate. The legislation requires Executive Branch agencies to disclose that advertisements are paid for at taxpayer expense in mediums including printed mailers, brochures, television and radio advertisements, billboards, and e-mail. By law, the U.S. House of Representatives is already required to include a disclosure statement on similar types of communication such as newsletters and franked mail, while the U.S. Senate is required to do the same by self-imposed rules.